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New support package for Royal Navy families

‘Strengthening Families – By Your Side’ has been developed by the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) and Naval Families Federation (NFF), in partnership with the Royal Navy, Kings Active Foundation, Home-Start UK and Relate and is the biggest demonstration to date of collaboration within the Third Sector to address the specific needs and circumstances of Royal Navy families.

This project is supported by funding over the next two years from the Armed Forces Covenant. In addition to this, the RNRMC have also brought together funded projects from the Naval Children’s Charity, Aggie Weston’s and KIDS to provide a comprehensive support package to service families whenever and wherever they need it.

This ground-breaking partnership will work collaboratively to address some of the key issues underlined in the RNRMC’s ‘Understanding of Need’ report, primarily looking at the gap between the support available for dispersed families nationwide compared to support available for those living in or near base ports.

Professor Janet Walker, Emeritus Professor of Family Policy at Newcastle University, has been instrumental in the project’s development, said: “Increasingly, as Royal Navy families choose to live away from their home base, many are experiencing loneliness and social isolation, the absence of a military peer group who understand and share the same pressures, relationship difficulties caused by time spent apart during deployments and weekending, and the unpredictability of home-comings and family time.”

“‘Strengthening Families – By Your Side’ can break down the barriers to seeking support and will assist members of Navy families, wherever they live and whoever they are, to access confidential and personalised practical and emotional help.”

Mandy Lindley, Director of Relationships and Funding at the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity added: “By working together, we can deliver the improvement in quality of life that is needed by our service families. ‘Strengthening Families – By Your Side’ is about early intervention and prevention, providing a range of services leading to improved family cohesion, conflict resolution, health and well-being, and increased levels of happiness.”

Part of the Family Support programme provided for our beneficiaries is delivered through our Strengthening Families By Your Side project, generously supported and funded by these partners

Support for Children & Young People

RNRMC Activity Camps – Summer 2021 delivered by Kings Foundation.

Great news!

It has been fabulous to see such a positive response shown by families to access our RNRMC Activity Camps, including the Rookie Academy, and we hope by the end of the summer will have seen 1200 children attend camps in up to 10 locations. Whilst enrolment onto the current provision has exceeded expectations spaces could become available as circumstance alter so do continue to look at our Facebook page for updates.

Phone for more details 0114 263 2160

Kings Camps*

Kings Camps also operate civilian camps nationwide in England, Scotland and Wales throughout the summer. All serving RN families can benefit from the same subsidised cost as a camp hosted at a Royal Navy Establishment of £75 per child, per week. You can view a full list of locations here. To book places at any Kings Camps around the UK, which are open to the general public, please call the Kings Camps membership team on 0114 263 2160 (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm) to discuss dates and locations near to you and ensure you receive the subsidised rate.

(*Your child’s safety is paramount, so all Camps and activities are subject to adaptation or cancellation if government guidelines change. You will need to have your Service details to hand when booking.)

Phone for more details 0114 263 2160 or visit

Active Families - Apply for a free Active Families pack

Designed for families with children from 4+. The activity pack and online resources help families have fun and get active together. The games and activities are perfect for helping with family cohesion and conflict resolution!

To apply for a no-charge Active Families Pack delivered to your door, register your details at

Phone for more details 0114 263 2160 or visit

Storybook Waves

Storybook Waves provides facilities for anyone serving away from home to record a bedtime story for their child. Once recorded, trained volunteer editors add a soundtrack and create a personalised CD for each child so that he or she can listen to a parent’s voice whenever they want. Recording a story is quick and easy. It takes about twenty minutes and our recording centres are based in convenient locations. Each recording centre has a selection of books available suitable for different ages. Please complete the form on the Aggie’s website at

For pastoral support by telephone, online or in person at some locations*, please call 02392 650505

(*when current Covid restrictions allow)

Phone for more details 02392 650505 or visit


  • New to the community and not sure where to go for support?
  • Looking after young children and feeling isolated and lonely?
  • Welcoming a new baby?
  • Needing help to parent alone because of deployment, weekending or separation?

Your local Home-start can offer:
Local community network of trained volunteers and expert support helping families with little ones, including 1-to-1 sessions, group support, linking to other local support networks.

Reach out to our partner Home-Start UK on or call 0116 464 5450. They offer both practical and emotional support which is free, non-judgemental and confidential, outside navy welfare channels.

Phone for more details 0116 464 5450 or visit

Rookie Academy

There are also opportunities for young people aged 15 – 17 to participate in the Rookie Academy* to achieve a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification in Sport Leadership.

(*Your child’s safety is paramount, so all Camps and activities are subject to adaptation or cancellation if government guidelines change. You will need to have your Service details to hand when booking.)

Phone for more details 0114 263 2160 or visit

Relationship Support


To give your relationship an MOT (can be done as a couple or individually) why not register for our free self-directed online learning programme ‘Building Stronger Families’? It’s discreet and confidential and provides advice and support when couple and family relationships are put under strain. Please visit to get started.

To book free and confidential face-to-face*, online and telephone relationship counselling, including specialist loss and bereavement counselling, please call 01302 380279

(*when current Covid-19 restrictions allow)

Royal Navy Family and People Support

Naval Service Family and People Support (NS FPS) is available to the families of everyone in the Naval Service, offering the emotional and practical support they need when their loved ones are deployed. NS FPS’s role is all-encompassing, from organising community events and offering specialist support, to round-the-clock moderation of the Royal Navy online forums.

The NS FPS team can provide you with impartial information on a range of support services across the UK. They can also guide you to Secondary Welfare services where appropriate.

Phone 023 9272 8777 or Freephone 0800 145 6088

If your serving loved one is working overseas, outside of UK waters and you experience a serious illness or death in your family, you should call Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC) on 01452 519951.

Naval Families Federation

The Naval Families Federation is dedicated to speaking up for Royal Navy families, which is why it offers a number of valuable resources, so you can thrive in your chosen community and improve your quality of life. Speak to one of their advisors for independent expert advice on naval life, including accommodation, SFA, education, your health care and transitioning from the Royal Navy.

Financial Support

Naval Children’s Charity

  • Offers help to children (aged <25) with a parent/guardian who is a current/former member of the RN (Regular/Reserves) & RGA by providing grants, advice and guidance.
  • Free books to help children to understand feelings when a parent goes away.

Sailor’s Children’s Society

The Society’s aim is to help children of seafarers who are in full-time education and the families who are in severe financial difficulties.


Community Support


Groups for spouses & toddlers, craft sessions, after-school homework clubs, social events, Storybook Waves book clubs, holiday clubs, financial management courses and special interest groups.

Phone 02392 650505 or visit

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