Our Year in Numbers

Separate grants
awarded in 2019.
Royal Navy veterans
who embarked on a lifelong friendship with a specially trained assistance dog in 2019 thanks to our partnership with Canine Partners.
Face-to-face, telephone and online counselling sessions
provided free of charge to sailors, marines and their families to help their relationships get back on track in 2019.
Families’ Days
funded in 2019. Families’ Days afford sailors and marines an invaluable opportunity to give something back to loved ones, and on whose support they rely upon; they give context to the work of the Royal Navy, offer fun to naval children, and help to extend the network of support available to dependents in their absence.
specialist agencies, charities & organisations
that we worked in partnership with to deliver our programmes and support our beneficiaries in 2018. That compares with 21 organisations in 2017.
Royal Navy veterans
who successfully completed the Right Turn programme which we piloted in June 2019 to help combat substance misuse.
Royal Navy veterans
who enjoyed afternoon concerts in their care homes or from their hospital beds in 2019 thanks to our funding of the Not Forgotten Association.
Royal Navy veterans
supported in 2019 through Veterans Aid Homelessness programme living in long-term accommodation within six months.
separate prizes & awards
an increase of 76 from 2018, were made to recognise an individual or team in the Royal Navy who have been singled out for their achievements.
Royal Navy veterans
Our partnership with the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League (RCEL) in 2019 meant that 52 ex-serving personnel spread throughout the Commonwealth were provided with two meals per day which they would otherwise have to beg for due to a lack of local welfare provision.
Frontline Welfare Grants
were issued to all ships and units on deployment in 2019, including to the Royal Fleet Auxiliary for the first time. This represents a 30% increase from 2018 and is our way of letting all those discharging their duties a long way from home that we are thinking about them.
Naval beneficiaries in Hong Kong
supported in 2019 with phone calls, home visits and fortnightly ‘Mah Jong’ tea parties thanks to our funding.
overarching mission
to value and support sailors, marines and their families, for life
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Financial Review 2019