Calling all friends & supporters

Time for you to make a difference

When you stop to consider the huge numbers of beneficiaries that the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is here to support – every sailor, marine and Royal Navy family, for life – probably three quarters of a million people, then it is very likely that there are a significant number who need our support but are unaware of the help that exists for them or who are reluctant to seek help. Lonely people don’t choose to be lonely; they’re often lonely as a defensive measure against a world that they perceive to be threatening and hostile. According to a survey by Age UK, 1.7 million older people aged 65 and over in England have gone without conversation with other people for a month or more.

While membership of the Royal Navy community bestows many benefits such as discipline, leadership and teamwork, many elements of military life can increase vulnerability to loneliness and social isolation. These include a mobile lifestyle, periods of separation from loved ones, and key transitions such as deployment and final discharge from Service. This year more than ever enforced confinement and social isolation have resulted in many within our community vanishing from view.

As a friend and supporter of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, our rallying cry to you is to reflect on your own networks and neighbourhoods and extend an outstretched hand to Royal Naval contacts past and present or their dependents whose employment status, living arrangements, financial stability and personal circumstances may make them hidden, lost or lonely and without a dependable support network. Drop them a line and help provide them with a more positive outlook for 2021 by letting them know you’re thinking about them.

We have some wonderful postcards to send to those in your neighbourhoods or networks, and would be very happy to send some free of charge to you. Please drop us a line at to request more.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is committed to being by the side of all those in our community who may feel marginalised, isolated or slow to adjust to their lives in or beyond the Royal Navy, so we can give them the support their service deserves. Our postcards also include contact details for our dedicated Support Line to help them to get back on track.

Royal Navy and Royal Marines Support Line

Please call 023 9387 1568 to speak to a member of the RNRMC Support line team for friendly, high-quality advice and assistance on a wide range of matters, including signposting you to the right organisation for the support you seek. This service is operated from 0830 -1630 Monday to Friday.

For all Royal Naval contacts past and present