By HRH The Princess Royal – Patron

Able Seaman Saierod McDowell and RNRMC CEO Adrian Bell welcome HRH The Princess Royal to the Family Flats at HMS NELSON. This new facility allows sailors and marines the opportunity to host young families in Portsmouth independently and affordably.

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity contributes enormously to the United Kingdom’s Naval family, whether serving, veterans or families. The Charity’s work provides benefits to so many, particularly those in need, mentally or physically, following active service all over the world including in the Arctic Convoys of World War II, the Korean Peninsula, Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands, Iraq and Afghanistan. Conflicts may have ended, but many veterans still bear the scars. Delayed trauma means that, for some, the toughest battles are yet to be faced.

But the Charity also recognises that the work today’s Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel are carrying out day in day out, 365 days a year is the most intensive in a generation. The nation makes extraordinary demands on each and every one of them and, by extension, a forward deployed and global Royal Navy invariably places a greater burden on family relationships.

The Charity’s partnership with Relate, now in its third year, has produced the most comprehensive package of relationship support ever delivered by a Naval Service Charity.

The Charity’s efforts are much more than just welfare and benevolence. It also goes to great lengths to identify where early intervention might work best to mitigate some of the causes of need and this proactive, pre-emptive approach is a hallmark of the Charity.

No other charity exists with such a broad remit to support the nation’s Naval family past and present. That is why, as Patron, I invite you to become involved in supporting its work. This report illustrates clearly how the Charity’s objectives are achieved and what an incredible difference it is continuing to make to the many thousands of lives which have been touched by its work.

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