Spotlight on Charity Partners: Naval Children’s Charity

Spotlight on Charity Partners: Naval Children’s Charity

The Naval Children’s Charity offers help to children aged up to 25 of parents or guardians who are serving or ex-serving members of the Royal Navy including the Reserves and Royal Fleet Auxiliary. We work closely with other Naval charities giving financial support and grants in times of need.

A large part of the charity’s work is through our Emergency Essential Grants Scheme where we respond quickly and directly to alleviate distress. Our Scheme helps those children whose families are struggling financially either thanks to the Covid 19 crisis, unemployment, redundancy, illness, bereavement, injury or disability. The charity has dedicated Caseworkers who work with families to look at long term issues, providing support to prevent more serious problems such as debt and relationship issues taking hold. They also work to prevent stress and anxiety by assisting with funding for therapies, specialist equipment, expenses for hospital visits or for separated families to ensure children retain some stability in difficult times.

Families can come to the Naval Children’s Charity directly. One of the easiest ways is to visit the website where there is a very short and simple form that can be filled out. A Caseworker then contacts the family to see what can be done to help. Families can also go through SSAFA, NS FPS or another charity. The charities all collaborate and work together to make sure that a family is supported as much as possible. We all understand that it can be hard coming to a charity for help. For those wanting to get some advice then Caseworkers can be contacted on 023 9263 9534.

The Naval Children’s Charity has produced some books which we send out free of charge to help families with younger children makes sense of their feelings around separation and long absences. Zoe and the Time Rabbit features a Dad who goes away on deployment and our newest book, Henry and the Time Penguin has a Mum who has to go away as part of her Royal Navy duties. The Charity also has a book called Knit the Family which helps with understanding the cycle of deployment and gives some helpful ideas on how to manage feelings and cope through these times. Families can get their free copies by emailing

A family we helped recently had been badly hit during the COVID-19 crisis. Dad had been made redundant earlier in the year but had managed to find a temporary job at a care home that Mum also worked in part-time. Mum was on maternity leave expecting their third child and was then also made redundant from her main job which meant the family were under enormous strain both emotionally and financially. The Naval Children’s Charity stepped in to provide an Emergency Essentials Grant Scheme grant to alleviate some of this stress and help them enjoy the Summer with the children.

When a child loses a parent the effects can be devastating for the whole family. Sadly one of the children being supported by the Naval Children’s Charity lost his father who was killed in Afghanistan ten years ago when he was a baby. Just recently his Mum died of cancer leaving just him and his Grandma struggling to cope. The Naval Children’s Charity is on-hand to support by funding specialist counselling.

The Charity also helps when children from Royal Navy families leave school to embark on higher education. It provides help up until children are 25 and awards regular monthly grants to help these children through their studies, providing laptops and other educational support as well as helping families buy school uniform and other essentials.

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